Nationwide, Hispanic workers comprise 17% of the employed population, yet they account for only 8% of professionals in STEM careers. One of the primary factors behind this proportional gap is the lack of financial resources to afford the necessary education for STEM careers. In fact, financial need constitutes the number one reason why Hispanic students do not finish a bachelor’s degree, according to the Pew Research Center.

SHPE, or the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, works to amend financial barriers to STEM education for Hispanic students by providing scholarships through its ScholarSHPE program. The SHPE scholarship program includes over 170 opportunities totaling $629,000 in available funding!

As a result of their efforts and aid, SHPE has helped to create a world in which Hispanic workers serve as valued and leading innovators across the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics communities.

SHPE Scholarship Details

Targeted Group: Hispanic students looking to pursue or further their education in a STEM field

Degree Type: Various scholarships applicable across Undergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D. programs at accredited colleges or universities

GPA Requirements: 2.75 (cumulative as listed on the transcript of the most recent academic institution)

Study Requirements: Varies by scholarship

Award Amount: Varies, see list of opportunities here

Other Requirements: 

  • Attending an academic institution in the United States or Puerto Rico
  • Active SHPE Membership
  • To be eligible to apply for any SHPE scholarship, applicants must first complete the ScholarSHPE Common Application

About the SHPE

Founded in 1974 by Rodrigo Garcia and a cohort of fellow Hispanic engineers, SHPE has become a national institution that provides support and opportunities to Hispanic students interested in or working in STEM careers. SHPE currently serves over 13,000 members and operates with chapters across 375 colleges and universities.

Over the past 40+ years, the organization has contributed millions to the education of its members, all helping to achieve its ongoing mission of promoting awareness, access, support, and development for the Hispanic community in STEM fields.

Today, SHPE is the largest association in the U.S. that serves Hispanics in STEM.

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