One of the most significant challenges for non-profits and other scholarship funding awarding organizations is actually finding enough qualified potential recipients. Scholar’s App was not only designed to help students gain more free funding to attend higher education, but it was also built to allow the scholarship organizations the opportunity to access a database of applicants.

Scholar’s App streamlines the entire matching process by allowing scholarship management professionals to create a custom application and access hundreds of thousands of students waiting for funding. By setting up candidate criteria your listing will become more visible to qualifying students, and receive more applicants. Learn how to use Scholar’s App to optimize your scholarship funding organization. Don’t miss out on our live webinar Wednesday May 25th 2022 at 11AM EST. Read more below.


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In fact, in 2019 alone, over $20M was awarded to Scholar’s App students directly through the platform. It comes as no surprise that on average, a 200% increase in the number of applicants is standard when scholarship organizations list and process their scholarships on Scholar’s App.


Another common issue that organizations encounter is that the process of matching qualified candidates to their ideal student criteria can be a truly daunting administrative task along with the privacy issues that can typically arise as a result of a paper-only process. Scholar’s App solves both matching complications, and time constraints by keeping all of the gathered student data protected and organized — no paper required.


If you feel like your organization could do better to award funding in the upcoming 2022-23 academic year, please accept our invitation to attend the first of our series of online webinars by registering via this link:


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