College is the next big step in your students’ lives and requires a lot of preparation. As a high school counselor, it can be challenging to make sure each of your students is college-ready when you have hundreds to keep track of. 

Introducing: the College-Ready Checklist from Scholar’s App. 

In addition to the many other features we have created specifically for counselors, the College-Ready Checklist is a must-have. The checklist is a tool we have created to keep track of essential tasks for your students. With the checklist, you can monitor each student’s progress throughout their entire high school career.

When you meet 1-on-1 with your students, simply pull up their checklist and discuss their progress and next steps. 

With the College-Ready Checklist, you can create checklist items that are added to all of your students by default. We know that every student is different and will have different goals and tasks, so you can also update checklists individually. For example, meeting with your counselor to verify graduation requirements should be a checklist item for all seniors. In contrast, the task to take an Advanced Placement course may only be required for particular students. 

Some ideas to include on your seniors’ checklist:

  • Create a challenging course schedule
  • Take an Honor’s or AP class
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Plan college visits
  • Narrow down the colleges you are considering.
  • Take (or retake) the ACT and/or SAT
  • Prepare your résumé for college applications
  • Prepare letters of recommendation for college applications
  • Complete and submit your college applications before the deadlines
  • Apply for scholarships and grants
  • Meet with your counselor to verify that graduation requirements will be met on schedule.

Again, we know how time-consuming and overwhelming it can be to ensure each of your students is ready for life post-high school. This is why we have created the College-Ready Checklist, among our other valuable tools for counselors. 

School counselors, if you’re ready for a new best friend, click here to create your Scholar’s App profile.

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