Devoted to managing and funding charitable organizations, the Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation (QRCF) is offering two scholarships to a minimum of two local Delaware Bethany-Fenwick area high school seniors. 

The QRCF Academic Scholarship is awarded to students based on academic achievement. The Captain William O. Murray Scholarship is geared towards students showing a solid commitment to civic and community service.  

Scholarship applicants and winners are encouraged to participate in QRCF community service events and fundraisers to continue raising awareness and help collect funds for local citizens and future scholarship recipients. 

QRCF Scholarship Details

Both scholarships are similar in scope, eligibility, and requirements. The only difference is the criteria used to determine award recipients. The QRCF Academic Scholarship is based on academics, and the Captain William O. Murray Scholarship is community-based. 

  • Targeted Group: Delaware residents of Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Ocean View, Millville, Clarksville, Selbyville, Frankford, Dagsboro, and their surrounding rural areas, which include the following zip codes: 19944, 19930, 19970, 19967, 19975, 19945, and 19939.
  • Degree Type: Undergraduate students
  • GPA Requirement: No minimum requirement
  • Study Requirement: Full-time
  • Award Amount: $8,000 over fours years divided into $1,000 installments per semester
  • Award Criteria:
    • QRCF Academic Scholarship 
      • 40% financial need
      • 40% academic achievement
      • 15% personal statement
      • 5% community involvement
    • Captain William O. Murray Scholarship
      • 30% community involvement
      • 30% financial need
      • 20% academic achievement
      • 20% personal statement

About the QRCF

The Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation is a Delaware-based organization that seeks to improve community outreach by funding local volunteer groups. The foundation funds annual scholarships and grants to students and groups making a difference in their local communities. 

The QRCF’s yearly commitments help local Bethany-Fenwick area citizens by improving social and educational services and neighborhood outreach programs. 

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