Since students are the ones who will be applying for a scholarship, marketing directly to them and their parents is a must. But to get the word out about a scholarship, you need to market it with the right tools.

One way to reach a large number of applicants is offline with traditional marketing techniques, but how do you do that in a way that makes your scholarship look appealing and appropriate to students, counselors, and parents?


What is traditional scholarship marketing?

The term “traditional marketing” describes a wide range of direct marketing activities, such as direct mail, cold calling, print ads, television, radio, and billboards.

Traditional marketing is still being used widely for many reasons. For example, it can be cost-effective and less time-consuming than other forms of marketing. It is also often more personal than other marketing strategies. Many donors still rely on traditional marketing because it is still an effective way to reach potential and current customers.

For scholarships, traditional marketing usually consists of spreading the word through emails, flyers, local events, and your network of schools, teachers, and parents.


Why traditional marketing is still essential.

Traditional marketing techniques can build a more personal connection to communities and potential applicants. This is especially true for community-focused scholarships. In the long term, traditional marketing could also have a lower cost compared to digital marketing.

Whether you are a new donor or an established scholarship organization, you should still consider investing in traditional marketing because it can reach a broader range of applicants. 


How do I market my scholarship with emails?

Email marketing is a reliable tool for promoting and connecting with your target applicants.

Email marketing aims to build a trusting relationship between you – the donor – and the prospective applicants. Whether you choose to use single email broadcasts or a series of emails in a sequence, our email content should include:

  • a background story of your scholarship
  • why applicants should apply
  • the scholarship’s benefits
  • a call to action to apply
  • a clear description of the applicant requirements

You will also want to make sure you have a compelling subject line. This is a critical element that will get your email opened. It is vital to make sure that the subject line is short and to the point.


How do I market my scholarship with flyers?

If you want to market your scholarship with flyers, you will need to create a flyer that can be distributed to many types of people. This means that you design an informative scholarship flyer that is easy to read for students, school counselors, as well as parents.

There are many ways to create a flyer; Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or online design services. After you have your flyer designed and printed, there are many ways to share your flyers with schools and communities. For example, you can distribute flyers in libraries, local bookstores, school counselors, and even at restaurants.


How do I market my scholarship with local events?

Marketing your scholarship in a way that stands out in a sea of other scholarships can be difficult. One way to make a scholarship application stand out is to get involved in your local community. Attending local events and getting connected with your community helps you connect with potential applicants and their families and gives you the chance to share your passions with others. For example, you could host an informational booth at a career fair or job fair for seniors and juniors in high school.

When you attend local events, it is essential to have your scholarship information readily available because you never know when you may have the opportunity to speak with interested families about your scholarship.

It could be a good idea to design and print some scholarship flyers when you attend these local events, too. While you connect with students and their families, try to communicate with school faculty to expand your network.



How do I start marketing my scholarship program?

If you’re like many scholarship providers, you’ve put a lot of energy, time, and love into creating a program that’s not only meaningful to you but also to your target audience.

Now that you’re ready to market your program, you might be wondering where you should start.

One of the easiest ways to start is to use the simple tools at Scholar’s App to make your scholarship process as effortless as possible. 

Scholar’s App can help with reaching applicants, managing applications, and even reviewing applications. Get started today!

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