Congratulations on being chosen for the scholarship program you’ve been praying for! But before getting down with celebrations, there’s a crucial thing you need to do, thank your scholarship donor.

A thank you video is a simple form of appreciation to the scholarship donor or selection team, thanking them for picking you as a beneficiary of their program. But how exactly do you create a thank you video? What should you include in it? Let’s find out.

What to Include in Your Video

1. Greeting

Greetings are an essential part of your thank you video because they set the tone. They should be short and formal, directed to the scholarship selection committee or the scholarship donor.

In this part of your video, you should also introduce yourself. Mention your official name, where you are from, and what you are studying.

2. Expression of Gratitude

Here you should show sincere gratitude to the scholarship donor for awarding you the scholarship. Your expression of gratitude should be short and sweet.

The most important point is to show the scholarship donor that they made the correct choice by awarding you the scholarship and show that you are sincerely grateful to them. Try as much as possible to minimize your words but still make the content meaningful.

3. Explanation of How the Scholarship Impacts You

Explaining how the scholarship will help you makes your video impactful. Here, the scholarship donor will get insights into how their scholarship positively transforms peoples’ lives.

So, here, you should explain how the scholarship will help you during your studies and in the future. This will help scholarship donors remain committed to their initiatives while investing in top-notch software to help choose more deserving candidates.

4. Your Future Plans

Explain to the scholarship donor what receiving the scholarship means to you and what it will help you achieve in life. Tell them of your career goals and aspirations.

This information will greatly help the scholarship donor and you because if someone from the donor committee is in the same field as you wish to engage in, they can potentially become your mentor.

5. Signing Off

End with a thank you to the scholarship donor. For example, you can conclude with, “Thank you for supporting my education.” Make it short and formal.

Video Creation Tips

  • Record your video with your smartphone, digital camera, or the camera app on your PC
  • Record your video on landscape orientation
  • If you’re using a phone or a digital camera, place the device on a stable surface or a tripod stand
  • Record in a quiet location where you can be heard clearly
  • Pick a location with proper lighting

Bottom Line

A scholarship thank you video can help people build valuable business connections. More importantly, it shows the selection committee they made a good choice, and the funds are being used positively.

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