College is the next big step in your students’ lives and requires a lot of preparation. Finding scholarships for your students to apply for can be a challenge, especially when you have hundreds of students to keep track of. 

If you’re frustrated with the process of finding reputable scholarships in your area, Scholar’s App offers a way that you can reach out directly to local scholarship providers. When you encourage donors to host their scholarships on Scholar’s App, you’ll be simplifying the scholarship search for both yourself and your students.

Here’s how it works: 

When you create your counselor account with Scholar’s App, you can use the ​​”Invite Scholarships” feature to invite local scholarships to host their listings on Scholar’s App.

Once you select the scholarships you would like to invite, Scholar’s App will automatically send an email to the scholarship provider, prompting them to create a donor account.

When a scholarship provider joins Scholar’s App and lists their scholarship on our platform, they are able to reach your students and thousands of others, all in one place. In addition, your students will have one website they can visit to easily apply for and track all of their scholarships.

As a high school counselor, you want the best for your students and you want to send them off to college with every potential scholarship opportunity. With Scholar’s App, you can find hundreds of scholarships that fit the individual needs of your students. Sign up for free today!

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