Scholarships come with outstanding benefits like making education more accessible and giving your student record a boost. While earning a scholarship is a remarkable achievement, the steps that come with finding and applying for one can be time-consuming. We understand that the process isn’t easy, which is why we’ve compiled a list of valuable tips that will help you find scholarships and win them.


Search Through Websites 

 In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to come across scholarship opportunities online. There are multiple websites dedicated to putting college and high school students in touch with great funding opportunities. These sites do the heavy lifting for you and provide all the essential details and deadlines that you need to be aware of.


Consult With Your Counselor 

 If you’re still in high school, it can be worthwhile to have a chat with your school counselor to discuss your options. School counselors have helped several other students who have been in your shoes. They are knowledgeable about the application process and can connect you to opportunities you would not have otherwise come across on your own. Take action and schedule a meeting with your counselor as soon as possible.


Contact Your Financial Aid Office 

Whether you’re still in high school or currently attending a post-secondary institution, you’ll want to be in touch with the financial aid office of your current (or potential) school. Financial aid offices provide information about funding opportunities and help students apply for and receive student loans and grants. Be on the lookout for events hosted by your Financial Aid Office that may help clarify your eligibility for specific opportunities. 


Turn to Social Media 

 In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon scholarship opportunities while scrolling through social media. On Twitter, for example, it can be as simple as typing “scholarships” in the search bar and coming across posts from organizations that briefly explain how to qualify and apply. Social media influencers are becoming the latest resource for scholarships, often setting up scholarships in their name for a particular cause or targeted to a particular group of students. 


Use Scholar’s App 

 Scholar’s App is an all-in-one solution to find scholarships and submitting winning applications. The platform connects students to scholarships that match their specific needs and circumstances. As your list of scholarships to apply for grows daily, it can be tricky staying on top of it all. Scholar’s App keeps you organized by tracking the financial aid process in its entirety. You can get started today by building a profile and letting the opportunities roll in. 

Finding scholarships doesn’t have to be complicated. Taking advantage of your school’s resources and speaking with experts is always a great place to start. Social media and platforms like Scholar’s App also make it easier to locate opportunities that are the perfect fit for you. 

The next time you feel stuck in your scholarship journey, think back to these simple tips to help move you in the right direction. 

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