In 2020, the American School Counselor Association reported that the national average ratio of students to school counselors was 424 to 1. With numbers like those, every school counselor needs all the resources they can get. That’s why the Scholar’s App is every school counselor’s best friend! 

Just what makes the Scholar’s App a counselor’s BFF? Scholar’s App gives counselors time-saving tools to help their students. It does the heavy lifting on all of the tasks listed below so that school counselors don’t have to.

  • Automates Scholarship Research
  • Provides Centralized Tracking & Management
  • Supports College Prep
  • Allows for Instant Access & Communication

Automates Scholarship Research

Discover verified local, state, and national scholarships instantly! The Scholar’s App eliminates the need to manually read scholarship descriptions so that you can find a match for your students. That means no more squinting at your computer screen to find scholarships compatible with your students. The Scholar’s App will only suggest scholarships that precisely match the profile of your student.

Once you invite your students to sign up, you can use the “Students” tab on the Counselor Dashboard to view the scholarships they are qualified for and then encourage them to apply for all suggested scholarships using the Broadcast Feature.

Provides Centralized Tracking & Management

The Scholar’s App provides centralized tracking of scholarship application submissions and scholarship awards. You can also send emails or texts, electronically sign forms, and submit transcripts.

Instead of tracking student scholarship applications and results in separate places, the Scholar’s App allows you to easily track student applications and award status in a single location. 

It also provides tools to follow each student on their journey to college–including deadline reminders and requests for documents. 

While the Scholar’s App houses all your student’s data in one place, you can rest assured that student data is protected. Scholar’s App never sells student or counselor information. In fact, we only share student data with counselors after we confirm and thoroughly vet each counselor’s profile.

Supports College Prep

Scholar’s App allows you to track necessary milestones for each student to ensure they are college-ready well in advance.

Using the customizable “College-Ready-Checklist,” you can ensure your students reach grade-specific milestones necessary to achieve their college goals. For example, you can remind sophomores and juniors to volunteer or start a Career Inventory. Additionally, you can remind seniors to submit the FAFSA or begin requesting letters of recommendation for upcoming college applications.

Allows for Instant Access & Communication

Since Scholar’s App is a web-based solution, you can access it anywhere at any time. You can also use it to reach out to students individually or to send an email/text broadcast to all your students. Having the ability to communicate instantly with the Scholar’s App means you no longer need to pull students out of class for a quick discussion. 

School counselors, if you’re ready for a new best friend, click here to create your Scholar’s App profile.

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