Scholarship providers often struggle to get applications from their target students. This can be improved by using the right technology to manage their scholarships. They may also improve their scholarship programs with improved staffing and outreach programs. This post will explore the above ways that donors can improve their scholarship programs.

1. Use the Right Technology

Scholarship management services help donors improve their scholarship programs by streamlining all processes. This type of technology helps donors access customizable forms for their scholarship applications. Scholarship management services also make it easy to track applications across key metrics like demographics, GPA scores, and disciplinary records all in one place.

Scholarship management services can provide the right communication tools. Not only will these organizations have access to all their applicants and recipients, but they’ll also be able to send out deadline reminders and other important information via email.

They can even use text messaging for more immediate outreach efforts.

Scholarship management services also help donors improve their scholarship programs by reaching more students and allowing them a simpler way to apply. It also keeps track of the entire process for you.

2. Develop Better Staffing

Staffing is another important factor when looking to improve scholarship programs. If donors have the right staff, they can provide better help and reach more students.

Most importantly, your scholarship staff should be able and willing to communicate with students in a variety of ways. This includes email, phone calls, and letters if needed.

The staff should also act as mentors to their scholars and be able to support them throughout their entire higher education journey. Scholarship providers can even enlist alumni and previous scholarship recipients to help with outreach efforts and serve as mentors for promising applicants.

3. Find Target Students

Donors should have a strong understanding of their target students. Whether they are looking to target first-generation students, student-athletes, or another demographic–there are many different types of students in need of financial support. 

Once the scholarship donor has determined who they want to support, it is important to immerse themselves in learning about their target students to better help them. With this research, outreach becomes easier and more effective. That allows them to provide the right resources that will impact students’ lives.

4. Work with Partners Who Have Resources to Offer

Finally, scholarship providers must work with the right scholarship partners. Donors should look for partners who can provide resources to them. Donors may have to do their homework to find the best partners for their scholarship programs.

Good partners can also provide the right connections to students in need.

Improving Scholarship Programs at A Glance

The right staff and applicants can help donors improve scholarship programs. They should also work with the right partners and use the best practices for outreach. 

Scholarship providers can enlist the help of scholarship management services like Scholar’s App to set their scholarship program on the right track.

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